Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Physics Lab Report!

I hope you like it I don't realy like to be recording my self I'm to shy for this!

7 things I love about my country. Honduras

1. I like beaches. I've been to many beaches, the one I think is a Good one is Tela where there are many Garifuna, who love working with coconut they can do many things with coconut from coconut bread to tablets of coconut.

2. I like how they treat abroad. They are welcome to our land. They are always aware of what you need to make your stay feel like perfect at home.

3. The nature beauty, the types of plants that are so exotic and peculiar animals, exotic birds such as:

4.The Colleges, always try to give my best to the student if the student wants to learn, Private schools never miss school, the public schools don't because they do not comply, they blame the country because sometimes not giving them meet their salary.

5.There achievements, I like to see how people work in order to get what they want, Honduras is a country with very persistent people.

6. The structures of the hotels i places for tourist is to stay in their trips or relaxation are very well done in these pictures you can see how well structured these beauties.

7.Tourist Places in Honduras as:

Las Ruinas de Copan


There are many more places that Honduras has  that are beautiful and worth going to visit!

Romans 1:20
For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities, namely, his eternal power and divine nature are clearly seen through what has been made, so that men are without excuse.

Newton's Second Law of Motion applied to carts

The past Wednesday, March the 20th we brought a cart made of any material for Physics class. We went to the lab and we measure the mass and the force of our cart. Our purpose was to get the acceleration in meters per second square (m/s2) applying the formula F=ma.

Our initial mass was 0.26577 Kg. 

 First we measured the mass of the kart, than we did several trials adding some metric masses and we got the force using the "Spring Scale" and we inserted the data on a table. We did 5 trials with different masses.

 Our acceleration data is very accurate, because we test it a lot of times in every trial. 

This is Alain's Same Post we both worked on this Lab and we had the Same results!