Friday, October 25, 2013

The origin of life

 What is the origen of life?

There is not really an answer for what is the origin of life. That question we have asked it throughout many years, but no one can give an actual answer. People have stated many theories like the evolution, the big bang , the creation theory , ect. But none are exactly proven to have happen because who has stated it did not lived while it happened. Do you think there are other living creatures in this universe? If we were created by them or if we were created by their same creator? Or are we alone in this universe?
Humans are focused on studying how our bodies work and how they react, but they still don’t know how we happened. Scientist are still studying our origin and they can’t figure it out with all the test and the analysis they make how are we suppose to know what to believe on? Humans have the need of a superior so most of the humans have gods they worship something that they can’t see someone who is supposedly their creator.
There are many religions around the world that support creations theory but not all believe in one God. Many believe in many gods, some think that sacrificing for their gods is something fine to do! But that’s their beliefs. 

Another theory like the evolution we believe that we are evolving like the word (evolution) explains it. This means that the humans are descendants of monkeys, because we have a lot of the monkey’s traits just that we are the ability to analyze our actions.  It’s states that we evolution to adapt to our environment

The big bang theory states that once the earth tempeture was really dense that made it expand and the expantion made it cool down. It also stands that no matter can be created , energy and matter remain the same they never increase or decrease.

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