Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What Does Newton's 3 Laws of Motion have to do with Dancing Game?

The First law 

Bodies in motion will stay in a straight line motion, and bodies at rest will stay at rest, unless acted upon by an outside force.
The  change of  direction is an example of a movement. Moving in diffrent directions is an example too.

The Second law 

 Everyone knows that the heavier  objects require more force to move the same distance as lighter

It 's used when we want to find out how fast were you dancing. If you are help by some one else you will have greater aceleration!

The Third law

 For every actin there has to be an equal and a re-action.

It is aplied when  you move from one side of the mat to the other you are haviung a  Equal  reaction! or sometimes even greater!


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