Friday, March 8, 2013

Who am I?

 I'm Brayan Ortez I'm from Honduras . I'm 17 years old . I study in Sunshine Christian Bilingual Institute  . I started this school year in Sunshine , before I use to study in Sheridan Bilingual Institute, But before i started in Sheridan I use to study in Madison Middle School in Tampa ,FL. But because of my dad's job we had to come back to Honduras! .. We left to Tampa in 2004 because they wanted to Steal or money .your probably asking who? .. Here in honduras we have alot of jeoulos people that instead of working they prefer stealing. Our family is pretty wealthy because they have work there backs of to earn it . My parents were really poor when they where kids but the hard work they have done for our family to be wealthy is not fair that someone that has not earn it to try to take it away by killing them (:

Im From San Pedro Sula!

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